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Our Clients:
  · Wanbo International Building and Construction materials exhibition center
· The City University of Hong Kong
· Betastar Trading Limited
· Ying Yeung Manufacturing Limited
· DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Limited
· AP System Limited
· Billion Winner Industrial Limited
· Golden Accord Limited
· Fidek Manufacturing Ltd.
· First Audio Manufacturing Ltd.(Hong Kong)
· Rainbow Brothers Ltd.
· TT Can Manufacturing Ltd.
· Master Step Trading Ltd.
· Dragon Max Industrial Ltd.
· Gold Mark (China) Ltd.
· Gold Mark Technology Ltd.
· QPF Limited
· New Honour Industrail Ltd.
· Lup Sun Industrial Co.
· Zili Lup Sun MFT. (China)
· Yick Shun Development Ltd.
China Ace Technology Limited looks forward to forming business partnership with more enterprises form any sectors. We are dedicated to keep improving in the direction of standardization, professionalism and product diversity.

We, China Ace Technology, will be your best I.T. partner. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your problem !
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